CCTV Video Inspections

Video Inspections:

Locates & Depths

Whether you are planning for additional plumbing or repairing an existing system, our cameras are equipped with built in radio technology to accurately locate the head of the camera deep underground.

In a short time, we can have your underground drain layout painted at ground level with depth and direction noted. This accuracy can save you money when it comes to excavating for repairs or replacements.

Liquid Logics can provide underground mapping of your drains and provide you with accurate professional information for your records.

Videos & Report Cards

Our equipment and expertise allows us to complete full inspections and reports on systems of all sizes.

We can:

  • Electronically locate both your septic tank and septic bed
  • Locate and assess blockages or broken piping
  • Transfer location and measurements onto drawings for multiple uses
  • Inspect as part of a new home buyers home inspection
  • Assess the overall health of a septic bed
  • Determine septic tank deficiencies such as baffle damage, water and root infiltration
  • Determine the overall vintage and construction of the septic tank and bed to assist the owner in planned maintenance or replacement
  • System Troubleshooting & Repairs