Fire Hydrant Service & Flow Testing

Liquid Logics provides flow testing, colour coding, inspection, and repair to all makes of fire hydrants on private property. When service is completed, a comprehensive report is provided to the owner for their records and for submission to the appropriate authorities.

proper maintenance

of the owner:

of the owner:

Esuring that a fire hydrant works properly and is available for use throughout the year is the responsibility of the owner. An alarming number of hydrants are susceptible to freezing in the winter months. Proper maintenance and inspection can help reduce this possibility. Insurance underwriters and municipalities often require annual inspections for proper operation and request flow testing on a three to five year basis.

Colour coding helps to identify a private hydrant from a municipal hydrant, and also indicates the rate of flow, giving firefighters important information in the event of a fire.

Colour Class Available Flow @ 20 psi residual
Blue AA 1500 GPM+
Green A 1000-1499 GPM
Orange B 500-999 GPM
Red C Below 500 GPM