Drain Cleaning



  • Root cutting to maintain free and open drains
  • Grease removal from lines prone to heavy buildup
  • Pipe scraping- maintaining a smooth interior drain surfaces promotes a more consistent flow
  • Preventative maintenance to eliminate the potential of a backup while plans can be made for a repair or replacement
  • Causes & Cures


    Tree roots are a drains worst nightmare. Underground root and vegetation thrive off the nutrition that the liquids in a drain provide. The liquids in drains act like fertilizer and tree roots can easily find a way to break in. Cracks, loose fittings, improper installation, abandoned cleanouts and clay tile pipes are the causes that we see on the job repeatedly.

    We carry a number of Power Snake Heads that can cut the roots cleanly at the surface of any pipe up to 6" in diameter. Our expandable head applies a small outward pressure to slice the intruder off at the source. Having them cleaned routinely – every four years – can help prevent a backup or flooded basement.


    Grease build up, along with other drain issues, can be prevented with good practice. It is important to use a suitable amount of hot water and a grease eating soap while practicing kitchen clean up. Grease can build up slowly and is often detected before an emergency occurs.

    Preventative maintenance on your greasy drains is more economical than cleaning up the mess of a fully blocked overflowing drain. Our hot water jetter can blast through and clear grease easily and effectively.